How to Create a Minimalist Lifestyle

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    • 1). Clean out one room at a time. Don't be afraid to start small. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the disorganization or clutter in your home, remind yourself that you have all the time in the world to get organized. Start by cleaning out one drawer or cupboard each day. Once you've cleaned an entire room, move on to the next. Don't put undue pressure on yourself with unnecessary deadlines or by promising yourself, "I'll clean this entire room today." Remember that it took you years to get cluttered and it may take a while to undo that damage.

    • 2). Remind your family and yourself that possessions don't bring happiness. Sometimes it's most difficult to get rid of items that hold a special memory or remind you a loved one. When it comes time to get rid of things you just don't use, consider taking a special picture of the item before you get rid of it. That way you'll still have the memory of the item, but without the clutter it brings.

    • 3). Donate, sell or throw away things you don't need. Maybe you have a few shirts that are missing buttons and you've never gotten around to sewing new ones on. Give those to charity, or, if they're beyond repair, simply toss them out. Don't feel guilty for throwing away something you're never going to use again. Sometimes donating objects makes it easier to part with them, so consider giving away unused toys or blankets to a family with young children or to a homeless shelter. Sell more costly items at a garage sale or online auction site and use the money to take your family out to dinner or put it towards a vacation fund.

    • 4). Enjoy the simplicity your new lifestyle affords you. Try not to get caught up in things you'll miss and don't entertain emotional battles with yourself about whether you made the right choice in giving something away. Instead, try to enjoy the peace and calmness your new lifestyle has to offer.

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