How to Check Phone Cords

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    • 1). Check both ends of the phone cord. Look for cracks in the protective coating. If you see cracks, then the connection is not continuous from the power source to the phone. This requires replacement of the phone cord.

    • 2). Push the power plug end of the cord all the way into the outlet. If the cord is not in the outlet tightly, the power is not continuous to the phone.

    • 3). Determine if the cord is secure in the jack on the phone. If there is a loose connection, power will not get to the phone.

    • 4). Look at the jack on the phone to make sure it is in good operating order. Sometimes the jack can get dirty or worn. If the jack appears dirty, clean it with a Q-tip wet with alcohol. Alcohol dries quickly, preventing the jack from lying in moisture. Worn out jacks on the phone require replacement of the whole phone system.

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