Are You Interested In Ocean Conservation?

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Ocean conservation is the protection of the ocean and sea environment, namely from man made intervention.
The oceans and seas are vulnerable to the advancement of the human race.
The ocean is also susceptible to man made pollution.
The fish and other water animals are susceptible to man's desire for food.
Men also hunt fish and other water animals for sport thus harming the delicate water ecosystems.
For many centuries, man has taken advantage of the oceans and seas, but there are some organizations that want to conserve the ocean.
There are many ways to help conserve the oceans and the seas.
For instance, scuba divers can be trained to be more environmentally conscious when they visit the oceans and the seas.
They should treat coral reefs with care and respect because the coral reefs of almost all oceans are being damaged by humans who either intentionally or unintentionally break the coral apart.
Coral reefs are an important part of the ocean's ecosystem and are being subjected to man made pollution which breaks down the coral structure.
Once coral is destroyed it is difficult to grow back and thus many creatures in the ocean that rely on coral are susceptible to extinction.
Conservation also involves protection of marine wildlife such as dolphins.
The fishing industry relies on modern methods to capture as many fish at one time in order to increase profits.
The nets that are used to catch tuna fish also trap dolphins.
The tuna industry is supposed to take the time and make the effort to check all catches and clear their nets of dolphins from their nets.
But some tuna fishing boats ignore this requirement and allow dolphins to be processed with the tuna that is caught in their nets.
It is difficult to regulate and monitor the tuna industry because there are limited resources available and not all tuna fishing boats can be watched as they make their catches.
Offshore oil drilling is a danger to the oceans and the seas.
The world relies on oil and the fact that there is a multitude of crude oil off the shore of many countries makes offshore drilling very profitable for oil production companies.
But it takes only one mistake to cause an environmental disaster.
Oil leaking from an offshore oil rig will kill all the creatures in the area of the leak.
The oil will wash up on shore and destroy the delicate ecosystems along the shore.
The oil will trap and kill marine life such as birds, dolphins, seals, and any other creature that is unfortunate enough to be affected by the oil spill.
Everyone who cares about the environment should be interested in ocean conservation.
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