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    • With hundreds of thousands of games on the Internet, finding those worth playing can be a real challenge. Some games are better than others, and some websites have less worthwhile content than others. You will find a lot of great games on websites like Kongregate, or other excellent titles recommended by friends or people who contribute to forums. However, finding good games is easier if you have a place to start.

    Mardek: Chapter 1

    • Fans of Role Playing Games (RPG) titles will be thrilled to try this game, which is in the vein of those classics. The graphics are generally somewhat pixellated but look fantastic. The mechanics are easy to pick up but are well-made and as solid as any professionally made RPG. This episodic title is the first of the series, and people with a Kongregate account can also earn site achievements and points for their account.


    • A free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) RPG, MapleStory is one of the most well-known. It combines the RPG leveling-up system with an action-based, side-scrolling game play style to create a great MMO game. You will also be playing with hundreds of people around the world, making new friends. Play well, or make some good friends, and you could be invited to join a guild before you know it.


    • The Tower Defense genre is one of the most popular on the Internet, and this game takes an interesting twist on it. You play as a wizard whose home is under attack from a horde of evil creatures. These creatures are susceptible to the projectiles your crafted gems can fire, and these gems can be moved around and upgraded, provided you have enough mana. The game is fairly easy to play, and once you begin to master it, you'll be unlocking new upgrades almost constantly.

    Adventure Quest

    • The online RPG is another classic, and with AdventureQuest, you're given a more lighthearted and polished romp than with other titles. This game updates often and is a fast-paced title with some great-looking animations. After designing your character, you're placed in a world with a wealth of areas to explore, enemies to fight and items to earn and purchase. With each battle, you'll become a more powerful fighter.

    Desktop Defense

    • If the Tower Defense genre has a father, it would be this game. In desktop defense, you watch over a clear space of desk and have to prevent creeps--small, moving blobs with various traits--from reaching the other side of the desk. To aid in this task, you have a handful of towers that you can build anywhere in on this space (provided you don't block the creeps' motion altogether, that wouldn't be fair), and upgrade them to cause more damage.

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