How to Use Your Mobile to Control Things

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    • 1). Set up the central controller for your home automation system by plugging the controller into a power strip or wall socket, but do not turn it on.

    • 2). Disconnect all the appliances that you want to control remotely. Plug the adapters into an electrical socket. Then plug the appliances into the adapters. You need one adapter per appliance.

    • 3). Power on the control unit. Wait for it to find and recognize all of the appliances. The status screen will appear on the control unit letting you know when it is ready.

    • 4). Go to your computer and download the automation system's software to your computer. You may need to go to the manufacturer's website, if the software did not come with the kit. Find the program that works with your model of smartphone.

    • 5). Connect your smartphone to your computer using the USB cable or USB cradle that came with it. Install the software to your phone by syncing your phone and computer. If you have a cradle, you can just press the "Sync" button. If not, go to the "Start Menu," open your phone's software and go to "File" and "Synchronize Phone." After you have successfully finished the installation, disconnect your phone from the computer.

    • 6). Go to the "Main Menu" on your phone and then to "Applications" to open the automation system software. The user interface differs, depending on the software you have installed. Launch the application, and you will see a list of appliances that you can control. Click on the appliance that you want and turn it to "On."

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