How to Get a Turbo Glass Convection Oven on Sale

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I recently purchased a turbo oven, you know, one of those glass bowl ovens that can sit on your counter top? I had been looking for one for ages but was finding the right one at the right price to be to be a difficult search, I actually wanted a top of the range model but I did not want to spend $300.
My husband kept asking why I would want a turbo oven when I have a perfectly good oven that I can use whenever!! There were three main reasons I had to have one of these ovens: 1.
I hate cleaning the oven.
The ease of cleaning this oven was a big plus for me, you can add water and clean by turning on the machine and it will clean itself, you can remove it and put it in the dishwasher, or you can wait til its cool and clean it as you would anything else in your sink.
Less Grease and Fat
Always trying to watch my weight I really like that the grease and fat are allowed to drip to the bottom of the bowl whilst cooking.
I just line the bottom with some foil and then throw it away when finished.
These Ovens cook fast.
I found that the oven cooks much faster than anything in the normal oven and as a busy person I want fast!.
Many of these ovens come with a combination of infra red and halogen and one of my favorite features is the grill function so that you can cook on two levels at the same time.
My Favorite Features on the Turbo Oven No pre-heating before adding food Simple to clean The turbo oven can be used as a steamer If you want the skin on certain foods to be crisp - for example - chicken - the oven is hot enough to do so.
Most turbo ovens can reach 450-500F You can serve the food straight to the table Its cooks really fast.
Disadvantages: Being glass the bowl can break if dropped,.
The bowl can become quite hot so you do need to be careful when turning food and make sure that you use an oven glove.
How do you find a Turbo Oven Sale? As I discovered there are plenty of places where you can buy these ovens online but they do vary in price.
Some of them give coupons and discounts and some are already cheap.
If you look hard enough you will find that some offer free shipping and if the oven gets damaged or is not what you wanted they even offer free return shipping as well.
These are what you should be looking for, never pay full price if you can help it.
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