DIY How to Lay Tile

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    • 1). Measure to find the center of the room in both directions and snap a chalk line to mark the center point. Use a carpenter's square to check the measurement and work from the center.

    • 2). Measure the area for the tile and mark the tile area with a chalk line as a guide for placing the tiles.

    • 3). Begin placing the tiles on the floor without adhesive, starting from the middle room line using full tiles. This is called a dry run, allowing you to see the final layout and placement of the tile.

    • 4). Place adhesive under the middle tile and press down on it firmly. Use the center tile as a guide. Lay full tiles along the floor securing them with adhesive. Spread the adhesive evenly under the tile. Place plastic spacers between the tiles as you lay them to get the right spacing for the grout.

    • 5). Level the tiles by tapping on them gently.

    • 6). Measure the space where full tiles will not fit and cut the tiles to the correct size using a tile cutter. Secure them using adhesive.

    • 7). Mix your grout and apply the grout using a rubber float. Use a sponge and spoon to wipe of the excess grout. Allow the grout to dry overnight and clean again. Seal the tiles after a week.

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