Instructions on How to Hand Sharpen Clipper Blades

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    • 1). Unscrew the mounting plate on the top of the clippers with a screwdriver. The mounting plate is the piece of metal holding the clipper blades in place. There are two screws going through the bottom corners of the mounting plate.

    • 2). Place the clipper blade on the grinding stone and position the clipper's tension spring over the blade. The tension spring is the small nub-shaped spring protruding from the clipper head and will fit right into the hole in the center of the blade. Hold the clippers head down, with the blade against the grinding stone.

    • 3). Turn on the clippers and guide the blade all across the surface of the grinding stone. Use back and forth movements to drag the blade around for one or two minutes.

    • 4). Shut the clippers off and remove the blade from the grinding stone. The blade should be shiny and smooth.

    • 5). Replace the blade and the mounting plate onto the clipper head. Screw the mounting plate back into place.

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