How to Reduce Cyberbullying

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    • 1). Resist the temptation to respond. If someone is cyberbullying you for the fun of it, any response you give will keep the game going. You may be concerned that others will believe lies a cyberbully spreads about you on social networking sites, but defending yourself against the lies won't make them seem less credible and will only encourage the bully to invent more lies.

    • 2). Discuss the cyberbully's behavior with trusted friends and adults. If the cyberbully is spreading lies that you are afraid will have a negative effect on your relationships with other people, communicate with those people in person, on the phone or through private email..

    • 3). Block the cyberbully from your instant messaging programs, cell phone and social networking sites. You may feel you need to know what the cyberbully is saying about you because others can see it, but if you see it yourself, you may be tempted to respond, or you may become needlessly emotional about a situation that is best resolved by remaining as calm and detached as possible.

    • 4). Report the cyberbully to a teacher or other adult authority figure if the harassment is obscene or pornographic. Even if you're not sure who the cyberbully is, your school may investigate and stop the behavior if the person is using the school's Internet provider to send the offensive messages.

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