The Essential Home Cleaning Supplies

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Cleaning with the right tools is the best way to speed up the process and ensure that you are being thorough.
Make sure to invest in high quality tools and care for them properly.
Tools should be stored in or near the room they are to be used to clean.
Keeping multiples of some commonly used tools throughout the home will help quickly clean spills and other messy accidents.
Being able to quickly access cleaning tools means that you are more likely to keep up with chores and spend less time with big cleaning jobs.
Below is a list of some of the most essential cleaning products that every homeowner should have in their house.
Broom and Dustpan This combo is one that no home or apartment should be without.
The best brooms are made from natural broomcorn.
Broomcorn is the longest lasting broom material.
Having several types of brooms is great when you have different surfaces to clean.
Stiff-bristled brooms are goof for rough surfaces and soft bristles do better on smooth materials like linoleum or tile.
Arguably the most important part of this dirt busting duo is the dustpan.
Choose a great dustpan with a thin edge and a long handle so you are not spending too much time bending over and stressing your back.
Bucket A bucket is a great cleaning tool that comes in handy for many different projects.
Get yourself a smaller sized bucket that you can easily move with you while you clean.
The bucket does need to be large enough mop head to fit into it so a square faced bucket is sometimes better than a round bucket.
Cloths Cloths are one of the best tools you can have in your cleaning arsenal.
You can make your own from old cotton clothing or buy some high quality microfiber cloths.
One trick that comes in handy is to color code your cleaning cloths e.
red colored for dusting green colors for spills.
Launder your cloths regularly so they can keep your house looking clean.
Rubber Gloves Even if you work with natural cleaners, you hands can become sensitive when working with cleaning solutions.
Keep a nice pair or latex or rubber gloves in the kitchen and bathroom to protect your hands.
Keep you hands in the gloves and wash the outer part of the glove with dish soap before storing them for any length of time.
Vacuum A great vacuum cleaner is a wonderful tool to have.
If you have the funds, make sure to invest in a high end model that will last you for years.
The most powerful vacuums are not cheap, but they can be repaired when damaged and will help make cleaning less labor intensive.
Consider a bag-less vacuum cleaner if you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint.
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