How to Kiss Her - How to Make Her Want More Than Just A Peck

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Would you like to kiss a woman gently and make her swoon? Have you pondered the question of how to up your kissing skills? Would you like to be an ace kisser and impress a woman with your gentleness? You have come to the right place! Here's how to kiss a woman with gentleness and yet, let her know you mean business.
Lay off the onion rings.
And that goes for any other foods that can give you Dracula breath! How can you kiss her gently when your mouth is an aggressive environment? If you eat those foods, breath mints and brushing will not help.
So, for at least 24 hours before, deprive yourself.
Brush and floss well before the date.
Keep some breath mints or gum on hand for after dinner.
The reward will be well worth it.
Breath deep.
Again, the breath.
When we are excited, breathing tends to get shallow and faster.
If you take deep breaths, you will slow everything down and come at the kiss from a deeper place.
Be present.
Use all six senses to kiss her, yes, intuition as well.
Really sink into the moment and listen, touch, taste, smell, see, and be sensitive to her needs.
When she contrasts this experience with the other surface ones she has had, you will shine like a star.
Touch her face and hair.
But again, keep gentleness in mind.
If she has spent two hours doing her makeup and hair and you mess it up, she will not be too happy.
Cup her face in your hands to make everything more intimate and heighten the experience.
Soft kisses.
This is what a woman likes.
It signifies that you will take care of her, that you have a soft side to your personality and you will be tender with her.
Please avoid doing the following: • Giving her excessive tongue.
That goes for saliva too.
Use your tongue in moderation.
• Rubbing your face against hers.
By that part of the evening when you will be kissing her, you might also be sporting some stubble...
and trust us, it feels awful.
She is there to be kissed, not exfoliated or skinned! Keep in mind the word gentle.
That is what you are aiming at.
A gentle, yet, thorough assault on her senses with all of yours.
We trust that you are raring to go and that you cannot wait to try out your newfound skills.
Don't forget those breath mints and deep breaths!
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