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The Hosta Finder is a reference for over thousands of cultivars. It provides hosta prices, size, color, and nurseries that sell a particular hosta. The basic function of the Hosta Finder is two-fold. First it helps you find or locate a specific hosta variety which you may have difficulty finding locally. Second, it allows you to determine a fair price by providing an average price for a specific hosta variety.

For example the 2006 version of the Hosta Finder lists over 50 different Garden Nurseries which specialize in hostas. You will find the contact information for each of these hosta vendors along with their website address if applicable. This collection of hosta prices makes it easy for you to find out who has the specific hostas you may be looking for. It also helps you realize there are alot of different hostas available!

People who love hostas love the hosta finder as it helps locate the exact nursery that sells the exact type that they would like to buy. The 2006 version of this informative tool was massive and contained over forty one thousand cultivars. The forty one thousand cultivars that are listed in the reference section of the hosta finder are cross-references. You can conduct a search for the cultivar size, color, flower color and also its credits. So for instance if you wanted a prize-winning cultivar then you could find those that have won awards at registered competitions over the year.

Searching for a hosta by size is nifty because it allows you to search for a larger type of hosta that might serve as a backdrop for your garden. Smaller cultivars can be used in more showy ways and arranged in clumps. The fact that you can search by size sharply reduces the amount of time that you might have formerly spent just sifting through websites that have the hostas haphazardly named large, medium or small.

It is also great that the hostas on this database are divided up by color. This is because every serious hosta growers knows that the deeper the blue, the more the plant is going to love shade. Green varieties of hosta can survive both shade and sun and the gold varieties of hosta are best to locate in sunnier areas. Another great thing about being able to search hostas by colors is that it can help you design your garden as well as be inspiring as there are pictures of all the hostas in the database at well.

The Hosta Finder is also a valuable tool for comparison shoppers. Not only does the Hosta Finder list the average price of each hosta but it will also list the price of each hosta from each available nursery so you can get the best deal possible. Remember some nurseries offer different sizes so you may not be comparing apples to oranges in this situation. It is advised to visit the website of each vendor listed in the Hosta Finder to determine who may better suit your hosta needs.
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