How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

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If you're a busy person that doesn't like to pump iron and jog at the gym and you still wand to lose weight, then you'll love this.

How to Drop Inches from Your Waist Once and For All

We'll need to look at two distinct things: First is dropping those pounds. Second, is keeping the weight from creeping back.

Losing the Weight -- There are two kinds of exercises you want to do to lose the weight. First, is Hindu Squats (or just ordinary squats). These are squats that you do without any of the heavy weights that you'd find at the gym. Do these squats as fast as possible. This is going to be pretty tough in the beginning, but you can work up to doing one hundred squats in under five minutes. Doing 100 of these squats is a lot easier said than done. You will probably hate this exercise a lot, but you'll stick to it because you'll love how you just lose that weight so fast! Stick with it and you'll observe results in around 10 days.

The second exercise is to simply jump on a trampoline. This probably seems a little silly, but it does a great job of working your core and toning your body up. My psychology professor at university did this every morning and swore by it. For the longest time, I just brushed this off, but once give it a go, you'll never go back. This won't take a long time either. You can get good results by only doing it for a couple of minutes a few times every day. This is something you can quickly do during commercial breaks when you're watching TV. This way you can watch as much TV as you want without feeling lazy.

Keeping the Weight Off -- For the second part of this guide, we'll cover how to keep that fat from slowing winding back on your body.

Luckily, this is the easy phase. All you really have to do is go for frequent strolls. Walking is perfect for keeping your body in balance and ensuring that the weight stays off for good. Take the car less when your running your errands and just walk a little more. This way you can keep in shape and get all your chores done at once. Or if you live in the suburbs where it's difficult to walk everywhere, try just taking a relaxing stroll before bed. Aside from helping you manage your weight, you'll get some nice fresh air to help you sleep better at night.

So this is how I recommend that you start losing weight and keep it off if you just can't squeeze in a full workout at the gym. The important part is to give this a fair try without giving up. This routine is very simple, but don't use that as an excuse to brush it off and think that you don't need to make time for it everyday. Do the squat, jump on the trampoline, and take daily walks and you just blast those pounds away once and for all.

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