Wearable Piece Of Art = Tank Top

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"Fashion is the only attempt to realize art in living form." If you're like me, obsessed with fashion, you look at clothes as much more than a piece of fabric on your back. It's a work of art, intricately designed by a professional designer to accentuate your body perfectly. Just one piece of clothing can change your whole wardrobe, and your life.

Fashion is art. With detailed planning from the drawing board to creating the piece, to its showcase on the runway, a piece of clothing is a masterpiece made by a designer. Picture that your body is the canvas, the paint is the clothing you are wearing.

A fashion show is much more than flashing lights, exotic women and up-beat songs. It is a showcase, a gallery opening for the designer. Models are the canvas, displaying the intricate artwork of the fashion designer. The designs created by a select fabric are truly a piece of art. Every fashion show inspires designers and on-lookers as well. This inspiration shows a job well done by the artist, woops! I mean, designer.

Art and design were closely tied together at the turn of the twentieth century. Creating an original work of art and designing a textile pattern are more similar than we think. Each piece of art can, and would, be reproduced in a mass amount. Same for a fashion design. Many are exclusive but designers mass produce their lines every fall and spring for everyone to enjoy.

Many fashion designers used this approach of fashion as wearable art. Paul Poiret, the famous French couturier employed Parisian artists. He called them his colleagues. Even the fashion press used fine artists to express designs. Vintage couturiers participated in events that showcased the arts which led to the appearance of many designers.

Fashion design mirrored trends in modern art through the first half of the twentieth century. Just like art changes through the years, fashion design does also. From S-curved silhouettes in the 1920's to the body-hugging dresses of the 1930's, fashion transformed through the years.

Wearable art is not just a notion of the past. Present day designers create pieces that are so intricate in detailing, touching the article of clothing would feel like a crime. Even just one piece can change your wardrobe into an art gallery.

Rich Stitch has many wearable pieces of art. One in particular, the Akiko net racer back tank is the epitome of art in the form of fashion. This isn't your ordinary black tank. At first glance, the boat neck front made from jersey material seems like a simple tank. Turn around, and the back is anything but ordinary. With 100% silk netting the intricate design looks more like artwork than a shirt.

The Akiko tank is perfect for a night out on the town. It's simple yet chic, without even trying. Toss this on with a pair of dark skinny jeans and pop on your stilettos and you're set to go. Make a statement with this wearable piece of art and be a canvas for artwork.

Find our favorite wearable piece of art at Rich Stitch-Akiko Net Racerback Tank
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