Knock On Wood, Walk On Hardwood

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When it comes to home renovations, hardwood floor refinishing is a fast becoming trend. Why the interest in these types of floors and what good does it do to your living space? And with almost all kinds of wood these days that can be turned into hardwood floors, what are the best types of hardwood to consider when designing your homes?

Hardwood floors add a certain degree of sophistication into any home. It gives out an expensive and high-quality finish that can only be found in high-end apartments or designer residences. Its also a long-term investment as its durability can withstand the test of time and increase the market value of your house. Its very easy to maintain and if taken care of in the right manner, it doesnt damage easily, making for a pleasing living environment. Hardwood is also a healthier option as it emits lower levels of chemical emissions as opposed to natural wood products and as opposed to carpets that easily accumulate dirt. But of all the causes for installing hardwood floors the most favored reason has to be plain and simple comfort. Hardwood floors add not just style but provides for a comfortable living area as well. It contributes a sense of warmth and hospitable feel that no homeowner can resist.

There are several types of floors that can be used depending on the kind of home you would like or what kind of style youre going for. Here are just a few examples:

Cypress Floors. Cypress comes from the pine species. Subtleties of brown, ambers and a bit of green make this earthy toned material perfect for dining room areas as they blend well with any type of wood such as dining furniture.

Hickory floors are also a popular choice. With well-blended tones of brown and tan, hickory can match any wood furniture as it practically goes with everything. Hickory hardwood floors are also the most durable material you can use. This type of wood is also a hit with contemporary homes. The mix of its classic features with simple but modern furniture is absolutely amazing.

When it comes to strength, you can also never go wrong with ash hardwood. Use not just in the production of heavy-duty baseball bats, it can also bring natural beauty into your home. Its light to medium tones give that sophisticated look in highly established households.

If you want to give a little light to your small rooms, hallways or any small space in your home for that matter, Maple Hardwood is the one you should go with. Maple has a light, soft and consistent color tones with clear grains that brightens any room. Color tones such as these are also perfect for waterfront homes or beach houses with the light of the sun and a clear blue sky magnifying its brilliance further.

If youre looking for something more traditional, Red Oak Hardwood is also wise choice. Its subtle golden reddish patina and consistent grain makes it a perfect choice for traditional households. It can also hold on its own while making other parts of your interior design stand out. Other types of floors to consider for a more traditional home are white pine, antique heart pine, cherry, and antique chestnut.

European design ideas are also a great thing to consider when it comes to designing your floors. White Oak Hardwood has grayish charcoal-like tones that give out a French country look. It also works for any room and has a clean finish despite its bold color.
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