99 Cents - That"s All it Takes to Find Someone"s Name From a Cell Phone Number! Yes 99 Cents Only!

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Reasons for cell phone reverse look up are numerous.
The commonest reasons of all are cheating spouses and prank callers.
A good reverse cellular phone lookup service will give you the following information.
  1. Full name of the unknown person
  2. His/her current address and previous addresses
  3. His/her family member information
  4. His/her average income, neighbors, associates etc etc.
As you will agree that's a lot of information and that can be extremely powerful and useful.
Can you get this information for free? Would have been nice ha? If it was possible to get this information for free, you would have already got it for free and you wouldn't be here on Ezine Articles reading about it.
Information about mobile numbers and their subscribers is protected under privacy laws.
That's why you don't get cell numbers listed on telephone directories such as the white pages.
That's why cell phone numbers are known as "UNLISTED".
So how much does it cost? If you do a research on Google, you will see that there are hundreds of websites that specialize in tracing wireless numbers.
They have collected mobile numbers from various sources and databases and provide them to the public for a small fee.
The majority of the services out there charge you as much as $99, 69, 49, 29, 19 and $14.
As you can see there's wide variation in the prices, however they all give the same information.
99 Cents - If you're paying more than 99 cents, you're getting ripped off! Exactly! While everybody else charges you $14.
95 and above to trace a cell number, there is one company that gives you the same or even more information for just 99 cents!
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