Explore the Splendid Charm of Malaysia and Its Tempting Attractions

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If one wants to enjoy bustling modern city pleasures and laidback tribal village exotica in same trip, come to Malaysia. With its pristine beaches, modern cities with skyscrapers, energetic night life, exotic wildlife sanctuaries, delicious cuisine and untouched tribal villages €" Malaysia offer various assortments of attractions.

Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia including a peninsula and northern third of island of Borneo.

Malaysia tour packages take you to a country rich in bio-diversity with a high number of species and high levels of endemism. Over twenty eight national parks have been established and you can roam them to your satisfaction of mind.

Malaysian cuisine is rated very highly globally. It is a judicious mixture of Malay, Chinese and Indian styles with various other influences as well.

The important cities of of Malysia are Kuala Lumpur, George Town, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Kuantan, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and Malacca.

Malaysia Packages gives utmost prominence to Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia which is noted for its multi culturalism. Its skyline is full of skyscrapers and is home to Petronas towers. It is modern city hustling and bustling with life and has many attractions to boot. Some are as follows. In Cocoa Boutique one can savor all the chocolates that are truly and uniquely Malaysia. Created by Malaysian chefs, chocolates are always fresh and made from high quality ingredients and titillate your taste buds. Central Market is declared a national heritage site and is testimony to Malaysia's multi ethnicity and culture. Included among the ten most sophisticated theatres in the world is Istana Budaya meaning palace of culture. It is the first theatre on Asia with most modern stage equipment well on par with its European counterparts. Its interior is built from Langkawi marble and has wooden doors adorned with hand-carved flower and leaf motifs. Then there is Petaling Street, the centre of original Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur where in night vendors take out their merchandise. You can shop anything from gems to incense to toys and t- shirts. Sumptuous food is also available on plentiful.

Another important destination of Malaysia Tours is Penang. Penang it is said attracts food enthusiasts and those who love exciting beaches and rich cultural experiences. Some of the attractions of Penang are as follows. George Town is the cultural and cuisine capital of Penang. Fort Cornwallis in Penang is a major architectural specimen and a historical monument. Penang National park is the smallest of National parks of Malaysia but in no way poorer in flora and fauna species found. It has officially four hundred and seventeen flora and one hundred and forty three fauna species. Batu Ferringhi is the most popular beach in Penang. It is situated along the coastal road north west of Georgetown and is marked by international standard resorts. There is provision for sunbathing and other water sports like wind surfing, parasailing and canoeing. In the sun sets the bazaar comes alive which sells many souvenir items.

In Malaysia Tours, there is plenty of scope for underwater diving and white water rafting. Many of coastal areas of Malaysia have coral reefs and rapids in national parks are ideal for rafting.
Cat Museum in Sarwak is renowned for its about two thousand exhibits, artifacts and statues about cats which are considered lucky animals according to Chinese and Malaysian beliefs.

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