Acuvue Toric Contact Lenses - Astigmatism Solution?

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Acuvue toric contact lenses could be your best bet if you have astigmatism.
One solution for astigmatism is what's called a toric lens.
Regular spherical contact lenses have the same power all around the lens, so it doesn't matter if the lens rotates on your eye.
Toric lenses have two different powers in the lens, so they can't rotate if you're going to enjoy the best vision.
Acuvue has two basic solutions.
Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism are contacts from Johnson & Johnson that use your blink with the shape of the lenses.
The blink and the lens shape work together to keep the lens in position so it doesn't rotate.
These lenses are noted for comfort too.
Plus they're the disposable contacts that you wear for a week or two and then get new ones.
You clean the contacts at night and then change to new lenses after a week or two.
That way the cost is reasonable, but you still get that new lens comfort and feel just every few days.
The other Acuvue option is the Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism.
Dry eyes bother you? Maybe you spend a lot of time outdoors in the wind or in a dry climate.
That's the place for the Oasys.
See, they're made to be extra moist to help you if you're bothered by dry eyes.
The toric technology is like the Advance contacts.
The difference is in the moisture content of the lenses.
These are the dry eye contacts if you have astigmatism.
Acuvue contacts are top sellers.
These toric contacts open up the option for soft contacts to many folks who need astigmatism correction.
The two options from Acuvue toric contact lenses will help many use comfortable contact lenses from a leading lens manufacturer.
These are more expensive than regular contacts.
The thing is you can order replacement lenses online and save about 25 percent off the retail price.
Plus, you don't have to worry with the lenses not being in stock, which they likely aren't at your eye doctor's place.
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