Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: The Best Mix of Modernism and Antiquity!

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Cushion cut diamond engagement rings have proven their popularity for over 100 years now.
They are considered extremely unique since they are different from the usual square, rectangle or traditional round cuts.
This cut becomes a sought after option when one is looking at a different or trendy option.
What actually sets cushion cuts apart is that it has a very stunning and antique cut.
It looks quite similar to the blend of square, ovals and round diamonds.
The exceptional brilliance and sparkle of this cut diamond makes it a very attractive option for one and all.
There are several women who adore the cushion cut diamond engagement rings these days.
There has been significant improvement and enhancement in the diamond cutting technology.
Thus there has been modification in the arena of the modern cushion cut diamonds.
In fact for ones who wish to have an antique or vintage engagement ring, it has posed to be the perfect bet.
In fact due to the rarity of the cushion cut engagement, it has immense amount of unique style and appeal for couples who go with this option.
An important point which must bear in mind before going to buy cushion cut diamond engagement rings is that one must have basic education about the ring.
Factors like quality and price become important factors.
The quality and price would be determined by aspects that include color, clarity, carat weight and cut of the diamond.
· Clarity: This refers to the purity and clearness of the cushion molded diamond.
The nature, size, location of external and internal imperfections goes into deciding the clarity of the diamond.
· Color is yet another important feature.
It can range from yellowish to having tints of gray, brown, yellow to being colorless as well.
In fact there are other color ranges like red, pink, blue, green, brown among others too · The cut would refer to the polish, symmetry, finish and proportions of the diamond.
The brilliance and fire of the diamond is a function of the cut, which goes to determine its importance.
· Carat is the weight of the diamond.
The more the carat, the greater the weight.
It is very helpful to know these key points which make it easier to buy a cushion cut diamond engagement ring.
This actually leads to the entire process being a very wonderful one.
Another aspect to cushion cut diamond engagement rings includes the varying styles.
They have a unique style that makes them look different and stand apart as stunning masterpieces among the other gems.
Interestingly women like to include accent stones to enhance the beauty of the ring.
Along with that the setting of the four pronged arrangement is also opted for since it secures the stone in a steadfast manner.
Go for a cushion cut diamond engagement ring.
It proves to have the perfect blend of a vintage and modern look.
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