GHD Hair Straighteners - GHD MK3 & GHD MK4

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It can be confusing when you are searching for just the right hair straightener, but GHD hair straighteners are a good choice.
The two most popular models, the MK3 and the MK4 are widely available and are designed to make your hair styling experience a good one, with great results.
While the MK3 and MK4 GHD hair straighteners are very similar, the MK4 is the more recent and offers advantages over previous models.
However, both hair irons are designed with the latest in technological advances.
Based on the same idea, these models are quite easy to use and make hair straightening a quick task rather than the time consuming chore it has always been.
The ceramic plates in GHD hair straighteners are actually double plated with platinum wire running between them and baked in for the conductivity possible.
This allows the plates to heat evenly and without hot spots that could be very damaging to hair.
In addition, these ceramic heating plates are perfectly smooth, so your hair won´t snag on microscopic roughness, as happens with the old fashioned metal plates.
A very unique method of maintaining the temperature level that you set includes the use of a microchip that checks and regulates the temperature 5 times each second.
You can actually see that it is working by checking the blinking LED light indicator.
This means that the GHD hair straighteners are always at the optimum temperature for your hair, provided you set it correctly in the first place.
With the latest in negative ion technology and infrared heating, you can be sure that GHD hair straighteners are the best for your hair.
The negative ions help seal off the hair cuticle and keep the moisture in, preventing heat damage.
Infrared is useful for penetrating the hair shaft and actually straightening from the inside out, which means your curly hair will stay straight longer.
On top of all this, GHD hair straighteners are far more efficient than the majority of hair irons and produce higher levels of both infrared and negative ions to help your hair stay smooth and shiny.
The MK4 GHD hair straightener offers a few additional features which are quite welcome, including a rounder form that makes it easy to curl your hair as well as straighten it.
The rounded edges keep your hair from getting those crimps that look ugly and are so common with squared off hair irons.
This model also offers universal voltage.
You can travel with the compact styling tool and not have to stress about whether or not the voltage is correct in another country.
There´s no need to carry a voltage converter for your hair straightener when you head to Europe now.
Another advantage that the MK4 has over the MK3 is sleep mode.
Never again will you need to worry about burning the house down because you left your straightener on! The MK4 GHD hair straighteners automatically shut off after 30 minutes of not being used.
This handy safety feature can be very useful if you are a forgetful person.
GHD hair straighteners keep your hair safe and protected while providing you with the means to get the style you want, whether that is straight and smooth or tamed curls.
Prefer a cuter look? Go with a simple flip at the bottom of your hair.
It´s very easy to do and with the ionic technology and infrared heating, you can be sure that your hair will be smooth in no time at all and without any damage or breakage.
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