I Can't Get Rid of Brown Algae

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    • The single most common cause of brown algae formation is silicates. Silicates come from tap water and can also be introduced into an aquarium from the use of marine salt. The easiest way to control silicates permanently is using a reverse osmosis filtration system. This kind of filtration removes all dissolved silicates and organic particulates from tank water.


    Direct Sunlight

    • Direct sunlight is a very easy way to spur brown algae growth. Just like any other type of algae, brown algae uses photosynthesis to convert sunlight into energy. If an aquarium is in direct sunlight the best option is to relocate it to an area with less light.

    Chemical Filtration

    • Chemical filter medias remove organic material from aquarium water. This kind of filter has the advantage of being far less expensive than reverse osmosis setups. However, if the source water used to fill an aquarium is the cause of excess nutrients, reverse osmosis filtration may be the only permanent solution.

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