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All the fishing dailies can be obtained from Marcia Chase in the Eventide located in Dalaran. Fishing dailies can be completed by any fishing accomplishment (although college accomplishment makes things abundant quicker) and are accessible at akin 70. All Fishing dailies accolade 250 acceptability with the Kirin Tor.


Cooking dailies can be started once you reach level 65 and have a Cooking skill of at least 350. All Cooking dailies award 150 reputation with the Kirin Tor.


Jewelcrafting dailies can be started once you reach level 65 and have a Jewelcrafting skill level of 375. Each Jewelcrafting dailies awards 25 Kirin Tor reputation.

Normal Daily Dungeon

These quests can be picked up from Archmage Timear near the Violet Citadel. Starting at level 78 these quests can be obtained by both Horde and Alliance and will send you to one of various instances throughout Northrend. The quests will alter day to day. Each Normal Daily Dungeon quests requires you to access an instance and annihilate a assertive amount of specific mobs that can be begin there. Upon achievement of the adventure not alone will you accept an Emblem of Conquest, but aswell will accept your best of Commendation Badges. Each Commendation Badge gives 250 acceptability to a specific faction. Choose the Kirin Tor Commendation Badge and use it and you will accretion an burning 250 acceptability with the Kirin Tor. The quests are as follows:

Heroic Daily Dungeon

These quests can be obtained only at level 80 and require you to venture into one instance out of many various instances throughout Northrend on heroic difficulty. Once inside each quest will ask you to defeat one (usually the last) boss inside the instance. Each adventure will crave you to aces up an account (proof of demise) from the boss. This account can calmly be forgotten, so be abiding to bifold analysis afore you leave the instance. Upon achievement anniversary adventure will accolade you with 2 Emblems of Heroism and 75 Kirin Tor reputation. The quests accessible are as follows:


The easiest way to gain reputation with the Kirin Tor is to complete the quests (and possible daily quests) available and purchase the Tabard of the Kirin Tor once you have reached Friendly. While cutting the Tabard of the Kirin Tor in any akin 80 Dungeon, Kirin Tor acceptability is adored for anniversary kill. Acceptability can be acquired like this all the way through exalted.

The Tabard of the Kirin Tor can be purchased from the Archmage Alvareaux the Kirin Tor Quartermaster located near the Violet Citadel in Dalaran. Most classes will alpha at aloof with the Kirin Tor and will accept to do some questing to acquirement this item, about mages activate at Friendly and could in approach acquirement the capote at akin 1.

Kirin Tor Rewards

The Kirin Tor (once enough reputation is gained) offer many decent rewards for almost everyone including a fire resist stamina head slot enchant and a spell power critical strike head slot enchant. All can be purchased from Archmage Alvareaux in Dalaran.

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