How to Select a Truck for a Camper

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    • 1). Decide on your brand and size of truck. Choose from one of the six major brands and models of truck on the market that are able to tow campers. Stick with truck sizes half a ton and above; while many smaller trucks can tow a camper, larger vehicles are built with towing in mind. Consider a three-quarter ton or one ton truck to stay on the safe side; half-ton trucks can tow light campers well, but a bigger truck may be needed for larger, heavier campers.

    • 2). Choose a truck based on your camper's needs. Ask yourself if you will need two- or four-wheel drive or if your camper is designed to be towed by a short bed or long bed truck. Decide if you will be taking your camper off-road. If so, a four-by-four truck is better than a four-by-two truck.

    • 3). Assess costs. Decide if you want a diesel-only truck. A gas-powered truck will tow a camper as well as a diesel, but diesel fuel is more costly. A diesel truck, however, also has a higher resale value. Weigh your truck brand and option preferences against the cost of the truck at dealerships. Obtain estimates for a variety of trucks that fall within your criteria, factoring in the initial price tag, fuel costs and resale value.

    • 4). Decide on the truck cab. Assess the benefits and disadvantages of a regular cab versus an extended cab. Regular cabs are cheaper and lighter, but may have limited visibility when towing some campers. Extended cabs have increased visibility, but are also heavier and have worse fuel economy.

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