More Words to Make Your Business Tantalizing

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When it comes to advertising your business, you may not feel that you can compete and make your business tantalizing with the big companies out there that have been around for a very long time.
After all they are very well known and can use words and phrases such as, well established and our products appeal to many.
However don't be put off you can still compete, with a little thought we can have just as much impact on our potential clients as those well established businesses even though we may be a small start up business, in fact we are probably better because of our size and intimate knowledge of our market and customers we can give excellent customer service.
So, where do we start if we are not well known? How about trying: distinguished, respected, prestigious, premier, accomplished, of high repute.
Or maybe something like: More and more are discovering, chosen by...
, in demand, the area's leading...
, there are of course many, many more.
If you are a new business, you probably are not very experienced, so how do we get over that? How about: talented or qualified you are almost certainly accomplished so use it.
Are you a pioneer or a master of...
? You may be skilled or well versed in...
, or have talent, imagination or vision.
Don't tell the customer you are new, tell them you are innovative, groundbreaking or trailblazing, you may have a fresh approach or use the latest technology, designed for today and tomorrow, makes everything else obsolete, you have a novel approach or are bold.
Your competition will use phrases like long-standing or time-tested which will sound very inviting, but you can use phrases like practical, reliable, carefully tested or even laboratory tested.
Don't forget to describe yourself as dependable, trusted, stable and with rigorous standards and your products as durable, functional, quality controlled and sound.
When you first start up and have not sold many products you will not have impressive numbers and statistics to prove any claims so stick with adjectives that describe any expected result such as: makes all the difference, you can count on...
, prevents, reduces, lowers, raises, restores, maintains or provides.
Make sure that you include descriptive phrases in any of your marketing materials that are sure to enhance your image, you must build your reputation and set yourself apart from the competition.
For instance: Our total dedication to...
, We believe in...
, We are dedicated to...
, We uphold...
, We demand excellence.
So, hopefully you can see that advertising your business and your products is not just for the big boys, even as a new start-up business you can play on a level playing field, all it takes is a little imagination and time to work out those important words and phrases that will give you the edge over the competition.
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