DIY Home Burglar Alarm With a Remote Monitor

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    Motion Detector Set Up

    • 1). Place the portable motion detector on a wall so that it faces the front door from about 5 to 8 feet back. Screw wood screws through the holes in the side of the detector and into the wall using a Phillips screwdriver. If the wall is not conveniently placed, mount the detector on a camera tripod's screw and place the tripod so it faces the door instead.

    • 2). Plug the detector's power cord into a wall outlet; if the outlet is too far away, use an extension cord to bridge the distance.

    • 3). Open the side panel of the detector. Adjust the following settings so that the detector will sound an alarm if someone opens the door: switch the "Dusk/Day" knob to "Day" so that the detector is always active; switch the "Sensitivity" knob midway to avoid the alarm going off needlessly.

    • 4). Rotate the "Volume" knob fully clockwise to set the alarm at its loudest setting;' if the "Volume" knob is located on the outside of the detector, close the panel and then adjust the knob. Close the panel.

    Video Camera Set Up

    • 1). Plug the connecting USB cable in the USB output on the wireless IP (Internet Protocol) video camera and a USB input on the computer.

    • 2). Place the video camera's installation disc in the computer's disc drive so it can automatically start itself. Follow the menu prompts to configure the camera for your wireless home network. Disconnect the USB cable once the installation is done and the program has quit.

    • 3). Place the camera on the wall, to the side of the detector. Screw wood screws through the camera and into the wall.

    • 4). Adjust the external antenna, if there is one, so it points in the direction of the wireless transmitter being used by the wireless home network.

    • 5). Plug the camera's power cord into a wall outlet for power; if the outlet is too far away, use an extension cord to bridge the distance.

    • 6). Select the web browser on your computer or portable mobile device. Enter the IP (Internet protocol) web address that has been designated for use with the camera to watch the video through the Internet.

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