Why You Should Chose Only Paraben Free Face Care Products

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The ability to choose only paraben free face care products should not be unappreciated. The importance of having paraben free lotions and creams available to us simply cannot be stressed enough.

Before you head to your local store to refill your products, let me share why you should take paraben-free face care products more seriously.

Parabens On Trial

Parabens (also listed as methyl, propyl, butyl, and ethyl parabens) are used as a preservative in most skin care products and moisturizers.

So why, exactly, do we need paraben free face care so badly? A report published in the Journal of the American College of Toxicology (3:147-209) estimated that parabens could be located in over 13,000 cosmetic products including shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, and sunscreens. Including food and pharmaceutical products would only increase that number.

Although industry experts are in a near-constant argument of the harmful side effects of parabens, the huge financial benefits of finding parabens as "safe" makes me wary of their findings. (I'll explain that in more detail below.)

Personally, I think it is safer, all around, to choose paraben free face care products that I KNOW will not harm me. I've found paraben free lotions and creams that are just as effective, (and in many cases up to $25 cheaper) than the mainstream "miracle" creams that contain paraben byproducts as main ingredients.

Why Is It So Hard to Find Paraben-Free Face Care Products?

I'm going to take a wild guess, and venture to say that if you live in the US, you've probably not heard much about the dangers of parabens in our facial creams and lotions.

This is because the subject doesn't get the press here in America the way that it does in other parts of the world. Did you know the FDA has attempted to regulate the use of these chemical ingredients? Probably not. Ongoing legal battles have caused that news story to be 10th-page material.

But in all actuality, it's a story that should be on page 1 of every newspaper and beauty magazine in the country. You see, the FDA recognizes that there is a need for paraben-free lotions and creams, because of just how dangerous they are.

After some studies revealed that many of these agents are linked to cancer, the FDA started their "ban parabens" campaign. Actually, these ingredients have already been the subject of a ban by the European Union.

What's the hold up? Well, the problem with moving toward paraben free face care products is that major cosmetic companies will block these attempts (hence the legal battles). Paraben by-products are C-H-E-A-P cheap.

The switch to paraben-free face care products would cut into corporate profits. Using natural ingredients (instead of parabens) involve more processing, and so cost more to develop.

This doesn't necessarily mean that your paraben free lotions and creams will be more expensive. It just means that the company making them has less profit per bottle. But since these lesser-known companies don't have huge advertising (and celebrity) costs, they can afford the lower margins.

Take the products I use, for example. In many cases, I'm paying $30 LESS than the top-of-the-line department store brands - and I'm getting 100% pure natural, high-quality ingredients.

You will be amazed (as I was) at the difference these natural products make in the way that your skin looks and feels. With today's skin care natural advancements, letting you use paraben free face care products, why put your health at risk?

Have your cake and eat it to. Get 100% pure natural products (including paraben free lotions and creams) that are just as effective without the risk. Visit my site below for more information on the natural ingredients your skin is crying out for, and the ingredients you should avoid like the plague.
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