Time Solutions: A Simple Approach to the Challenges of Working from Home

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Often, the biggest challenge of working from home is structuring your day.
While this flexibility is one of the perks of working from home, it can also be an obstacle to productivity and sales.
For the structured and unstructured alike, I've found that there is an optimal solution to making the most of your time.
Most Productive Time.
Figure out what your most productive time of the day is.
For me it is between 6am and somewhere between 1 and 2 in the afternoon.
After that my creative energy is spent.
This productive time should be at least a 4 hour chunk of time.
Use this time to do the 'core' of your work.
If you're a photographer or other type of artist this is your creative time.
If you're a marketer of a product on the internet, this is the time that you spend marketing your product, developing strategies and new products.
This is the time that you spend on your passion.
Least Productive.
Next figure out what your least productive time is.
For me this is usually anywhere between 2 and 5pm.
Use this time to run errands, clean the kitchen, do laundry, work out, all of the stuff that serves as a distraction during your productive time.
Now you have a time and place for these tasks and they are no longer a distraction.
Try not to let this time last too long and if you need to, break it into chunks of smaller time no longer than two hours.
Medium Productive.
Lastly, you should be left with a time segment, hopefully a couple hours long, that is somewhat productive.
This is when you do your bookkeeping, catch up on e-mails, read industry publications, and make phone calls if it is an appropriate time of the day.
My semi-productive time of the day starts right after dinner and lasts until I go to bed.
It allows for interruptions from the family and the occasional distraction of good television.
I go to bed with my daily task list checked off and my mind clear for a productive, creative morning.
Remember that life changes.
It is important to allow for your daily structure to evolve as you do and to occasionally mix it up out of necessity - the only time the dentist can get you in is during your productive time - or to keep things fresh.
There's nothing worse for productivity than a rut.
This is a loose structure that allows for change while at the same time it allows for you to segment your tasks into a day that makes the most sense for you.
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