Build a Brick Fire Pit

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    • 1). Paint the four floor tiles and 10 bricks the same color on all sides. Set the tiles and bricks on a clean sheet of newspaper to dry.

    • 2). Locate a spot to place your fire pit. Select a spot in your backyard, patio or deck that isn't near fabric furniture or low-hanging branches, to avoid creating a fire hazard. Arrange the four floor tiles in a square on the spot you've designated.

    • 3). Lay five of the bricks in a circle shape on top of the floor tiles, making sure each brick abuts the bricks next to it at the corners. Doing so protects the surface underneath the fire pit, whether your lawn or the flooring of your patio or deck. On top of this foundation brick layer, use five more bricks to make a second layer, centering the top layer of bricks on the bricks underneath. This constructs the wall of the fire pit. If you use 8-by-4-inch bricks, the inside diameter of the fire pit will be about 14 inches.

    • 4). Fill the inside of the fire pit with coals, being careful not to pile the coals higher than the top of the wall. Distribute a few drops of lighter fuel over the coals to make them easier to light.

    • 5). Place a domed mesh lid over the coals, fitting the edge of the lid on the inside of the wall. You can purchase domed mesh lids at most camping or outdoor supply stores. The lid will control flying embers.

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