7 Tips on Caring for Curly Hair

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Hair is the crown of women. have beautiful hair, it will make them feel proud and confident. But unfortunately, not all women have the same hair type, there are people who have straight, dry, oily, and curly. All types of hair have problems of their own, and will require different handling. Differences with straight, Curlyis sometimes quite difficult to set. But if you know the tips and tricks to take care, look beautiful with curly is not impossible!

So, following on how to care for curly:

Do not use a hairdryer
Drying curly hair does require a relatively long time. But do not use a blow dryer to dry. Allow to dry naturally curly hair because heat from a hair dryer can be damaging effects on the hair curls.

When cutting hair
Curly hair tends to shrink when conditions are wet. So should cut curly is dry so that you do not make mistakes, for example cut too short.

Combing slowly
Do not rush when combing curly. Because this type of hair as unruly and sometimes need extra patience to separate the tangled hair. Comb slowly in order to maintain the health and beauty of hair roots.

Do not wet the hair often
If you feel uncomfortable with your hair which expands during the day, should not be too frequent wetting. This is because wetting hair during the day will in turn make your hair dull, because a lot of dust pollute your environment.

Drying with tissue paper
Do not rub wet curly with a towel if you want to make it dry faster. Better dry with tissue paper ( paper towels ) that are absorbing water without risk of damaging the curly.

Tools hair straightener
If you want curly hair still looks lovely, avoid the use of liners. For though the head back to its former condition, but the effect on curly hair curls will not pretty anymore.

When sleep
In order for curlyremains easy to set up, try to tie theon top of his head like a unicorn when sleeping. Even the top-knot of hair at the time of sleep will give you the beautiful effects when you wake up the next day.

Being Confident
There are many people who choose to straighten curly. Though having curly hair is a privilege. Not even a few people who just want straight hair got curly. So, be confident with your appearance, And Hopefully it is useful!
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