An Introduction to Inline Figure Skating

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Inline figure skating is a roller sport which includes competitive and cross-training activities for ice and roller sports enthusiasts.

Roller sports include inline figure skating on skate frames that support 3 or 4 wheels in a line with a rubber toe-stop or toe-pick, mounted on figure skating boots. The popularity of inline figure skating has grown with the development of high quality inline figure skating equipment that allows skaters to perform difficult maneuvers.

In this skating sport, the competitors execute the same program requirements that ice skaters use - only on inline skates.

Inline figure skaters around the world are now performing double and triple jumps, a range of spins, interesting choreography and all of the senior level dances while using inline skates. Ice figure skating federation members often use inline figure skating for cost effective off-ice training. Many inline figure championships are combined with roller figure skating, since both disciplines can use the same type of skating surface with similar free skating, dance and creative events.

Roller and ice enthusiasts choose inline figure skating for many reasons:
  • Inline figure skating is fun
  • Inline figure skating can be done on many surfaces at many locations
  • Inline figure skaters can achieve cross-training goals
  • Inline figure has competitive opportunities
  • There are opportunities to travel
  • Inline figure can be an on-going non-competitive activity

Inline figure skaters can join a club, skate with friends or skate alone. Inline figure skates are expensive, but new entry level skates or carefully selected used equipment is affordable.

You should learn the basics first, then benefit from cross-training or competitive activities in inline figure skating.

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