How to Be a Great Mastermind Team Support Buddy

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A strong Mastermind Team is an essential component of your success support system.
An effective Mastermind Buddy relationship gives you someone to push you, to cheer you on, to challenge you when times get tough and to celebrate your success with.
Here are ten tips on how to be a great Mastermind support Buddy.
1- Be clear about what you want out of the process Know the outcome that you want to create from your participation in a Mastermind team.
Make it tangible and "deliverable", something that you clearly communicate to your Buddy.
2- Be clear about what your Buddy wants out of the process Ask your buddy what he or she wants as a tangible, demonstratable result.
Confirm your understanding of your Buddy's intention to ensure you clearly understand.
3- Get permission to be direct A Buddy support system does not work unless you get permission from your Buddy to be frank and direct.
If you feel that you need to hold back in your comments or your questions, it is a sign that there is a breakdown in the communication between you and your Buddy.
Be direct in your comments, tell it as you see it while being supportive and understanding.
4- Communicate frequently The more you communicate with your Buddy, the stronger your relationship.
Use e-mail on a daily basis and phone at least once a week.
By keeping each communication concise and focused, the time needed to communicate is minimized, but the impact is maximized.
5- Hold each other accountable The most obvious role of a Buddy is accountability, making sure you are doing what you say is most important for you to do.
Share activity logs or progress charts.
Ask about progress, and challenge each other when progress is not happening in the way that was expected.
6- Be honest Hiding your progress (or lack of it) from your Buddy is the same as hiding it from yourself.
If you are not meeting your targets or commitments, ask for help! That is what a Buddy is there for.
7- Give and take Whatever you want from your buddy, first give it even more to them.
If you want your Buddy to contact you more frequently, then be proactive and contact your Buddy frequently.
If you want your Buddy to give you more encouragement, first give your Buddy more encouragement.
Learn how to get while giving...
this is a skill that will help you in all of your relationships.
8- Listen first to understand Learn how to listen and understand.
Adopt an active listening approach.
Do not try to fix your Buddy or to counsel them.
Ask open questions that stimulate discussion, so that your Buddy can determine the right solution for him/her.
9- Be a cheerleader One of the most important contributions you can make as a Buddy is to recognize and celebrate even the small accomplishments.
When working towards a challenging goal, the tendency is to overlook positive progress and just focus on the negative.
Help your Buddy find the golden nugget in every day.
10- Celebrate together! Take credit for helping each other achieve a major goal.
Celebrate together, and celebrate often!
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