Quick Resume Tips

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The resume is a document designed to get your foot in the door.
It is typically limited to one page since any more than that is likely to get bypassed rather quickly.
There are some ways in which you can get that resume noticed without greatly altering the document itself.
When writing the job objective, be sure to read the job objective carefully and find keywords or buzzwords from the industry that you can insert into your resume.
The human resources person is trained to skim the paper for these words.
Many times it will get your resume into the second round of cuts.
Wasn't that easy? Another great tip for the electronic variety is a formatting issue.
Employers are requesting resumes in a number of formats with Microsoft Word being one of the most common.
When saving your paper, make sure to use the 2003 version and not the 2007 version since many companies haven't upgraded their software yet and you don't want to make the company do extra work to open your resume.
Again, chances are if this is the case, it definitely won't be read and you won't get the interview request.
Finally, when formatting your resume, unless you are in advertising, don't use anything other than Times New Roman font with a size 12.
This is the default industry standard at this time and is easier to read than some of the other fancy fonts available with modern words processing programs.
The only exception to this rule is your name in the header section.
It is acceptable to make it larger than 12 point, but don't overpower the rest of the resume with your name.
That's it, good luck! Until next time, BrianC
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