Your Dream Job - Go For It! (Even if You Currently Have a Good Job)

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Do you have a good job but wonder if you can have your dream job? The difference between a good job and the right job may seem small, but it can make a huge difference for your long-term career satisfaction and for your health and happiness.
It's important to recognize the difference between a good job and an ideal job to become the driver of your own future.
To be able to take full charge of your career, you need to know the difference between a ho-hum good job and a great job that offers a rewarding career.
So, what's a good job? If you have a good job, given your skill level and the going rate in the marketplace, you enjoy your work on most days and it pays well.
A good job uses some of your key talents and some of your best skills.
What's a dream job? If you have a dream job, you absolutely love your job.
You'd do this work for no pay.
OK, let's be realistic: You'd do this work for a low to medium salary.
Dream jobs incorporate at least 75% of the following vital factors to ensure long-term career satisfaction:
  • you get to use talents and skills that you enjoy mastering,
  • you get to tap into your interests and passions,
  • your dream job aligns with your personal values.
  • Keep in mind that a dream job isn't a fantasy job.
    For example, you might dream of being a doctor, but if you don't have the basic skills for the job or the temperament (you faint at the sight of blood), then pursuing a career as a doctor isn't practical.
    Don't focus on an unrealistic ambition where you have a few of the skills needed if it would be nearly impossible to achieve that dream.
    For example, even if you excel in baseball, it might be highly unlikely that you could immediately sign a contract with the New York Yankees.
    Don't give up on your dream job! If you really want your dream job, you need to do some serious reflecting and planning.
    You need to be willing to put in some concentrated effort over months or even years.
    Since it can be difficult to identify your dream job and stay motivated, consider hiring a career coach to help you get on the right track and stay focused and energized.
    Remember, time will pass whether you start now or later.
    Why not start now? When you make a plan, get the right training or education and build the right network, it's 100% possible to land your dream job.
    Why hang onto a good job when you could experience - and love - your dream job? Ready to get started? A great way to begin your quest for your dream job is by answering these questions to identify your three Ms:
  • Mission: What do I stand for? What is my purpose in life at this time?
  • Model: Whom do I admire? Who lives the kind of life I most want to live?
  • Mirror: Am I the kind of person I want to be?
  • These three Ms can help you define your character - who you want to become - while you are defining your career ambitions.
    As you look for your dream job, keep your three Ms in mind.
    They'll help you stay grounded and centered.
    After all, we can't create a dream job and fulfill our destiny if we lose sight of who we are in the process.
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