How to Create a Great Leaflet

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Leaflets are a great cheap way to get your message across and increase interest in your service/product.
However creating a leaflet is not simply adding some text to glossy paper, leaving your number and hoping customers will contact you.
There is more to the design of a leaflet than that.
When designing your leaflet, answer the following questions before you start the design process.
Who is your target market? Knowing your target market can influence the design of your leaflet, as different age/social economic groups will respond more favourably to different types of design.
How are you going to get the leaflets distributed? How you are going to get the leaflets distributed can also influence the design process.
If you are going to leave the leaflets within a public place they MUST be eye catching and bold in design for customers to pick them up.
If they are to be distributed to peoples homes again they have to have a focal point to catch the readers attention but you can have more information provided on your leaflet as readers will then spend a little more time within their own homes to read the leaflet.
What message you do want to get across in your leaflet? The message you are trying to deliver through your leaflets will also have a factor on the design.
Are you offering a product at a reduced price, and then the product will feature heavily within your leaflet.
If you want to build brand recognition, then your business name with some background will feature in your leaflet.
Once you can answer these questions you are in a better position to start designing your own leaflet.
Try doing some research first, we all get leaflets posted through our front door, keep them and compare the ones that you think are a good design and effective to the ones that look cheap, tacky and badly designed.
You can use the ones that are well designed as inspiration and learn the principles of good design.
I would strongly recommend getting a professional to design your leaflet as a badly designed leaflet will reflect badly on your business.
Poorly designed leaflets are tacky, unprofessional and less likely to get the response you would like.
If that is not an option, there are some great affordable software packages to create professional looking leaflets.
Leaflets (or flyers) are a great way to experiment with your design, anything that is out of the ordinary, will hopefully make people stop and read your leaflet.
Once you grab the attention of a potential customer, you can then get them to take further action with a call to action within your leaflet.
Use the following principles to design a great looking leaflet.
Create a focal point Try and catch the consumers' eye with a large focal point on the leaflet, making it interesting and bold.
If you grab the consumers' attention, they are more likely read the rest of your leaflet.
Use a great headline Don't use the name of your business as a headline.
This is not a business card that you are producing.
An attention grabbing headline will make the reader want to read more.
Short sentences Try and keep sentences short and snappy, using bullet points as consumers will want to spend very little time reading your leaflet.
Repetition When designing your leaflet, keep the colour scheme the same throughout the leaflet, don't use too many colours.
Keep the fonts the same or limit to using 2 clear easy to read fonts.
Keep any other design elements similar throughout, such as thickness of lines, spacing between words or pictures.
Alignment This is another very important design principle when designing your leaflet.
Don't centre the headline then left align everything else.
Keep everything in the same alignment; this will create a look where everything is visually connected.
Uncluttered Don't have too much information on your leaflet.
Ensure there is enough space around your text and images to make the leaflet look uncluttered and easy to read.
Call to Action.
Always include a call to action, telling the reader what to do next, e.
book now for 20% off.
What's the point of your leaflet if you don't leave a call to action to encourage the reader to contact your business?
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