Frugal Ideas for Storing Plastic Lids

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    • Plastic storage containers are convenient for transporting and storing food. They are also notorious for mismatched and missing lids, contributing to kitchen clutter. High-quality plastic storage systems as well as less expensive containers are sometimes designed with snap-together stackable lids. Other designs require an easy, inexpensive idea to keep your plastic ware organized and out of the way.


    • One of the easiest and most frugal ways to organize and store plastic storage container lids is by reusing plastic grocery bags. Install several hooks (adhesive-mounted hooks, finishing nails or picture hangers all work well) on the inside of the pantry or cabinet in which you store your plastic containers. Separate the lids into categories based on size or shape and keep all like lids together in the bags.


    • If you have a little extra storage space, large shoe or boot boxes make excellent storage containers for plastic lids. Remove one side of several boxes and replace the box lids to support the remaining sides. Stack the boxes together with the open sides facing one direction, then wrap the stack with tape to secure. Sort your plastic lids according to size and shape and slide inside the open ends. Keep the boxes in your cabinet with the container bottoms for convenient access and organized storage.

    Paper Organizers

    • Old or unused file folder or mail organizers make excellent lid storage. Look for the slanted vertical kind that have open sides, which will let you see lids stacked in the back just as well as those in the front. The organizer slats will separate the lids, keeping them organized according to size and shape. Keep the organizers on your counter if it won't fit in the cabinet; as long as the lids are neat and clean, it won't look like clutter.

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