Types of Glitter

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    • Glitter has multiple applications. It can be used as an embellishment--for casual and formal attire or fabric, to make any paper craft project or artwork more visually appealing, or to add a touch of glamour and sparkle to makeup on face, any exposed areas of the skin and even to hair. Today, glitter is used by stage and theater artists, trendy party goers and fashion models, among others. There are as many types of glitter as there are applications it serves. Here are some popular glitter options.


    • This is a type of glitter that is available in many solid and bold colors and one of the most popular glitters in use. The solid, opaque colors of this glitter effectively cover selected areas of a surface or base material to which it is applied. In this manner, the areas that are covered by any color of opaque glitter will not show through. Opaque glitter adds extra shimmer and is ideal for applying to large or small surface areas.


    • As the name suggests, transparent glitter is a see-through type of glitter. It adds sparkle and a water color effect to the specific surface areas it is intended to cover while permitting such areas to be clearly visible through it. This is why transparent glitter is ideal for creating different colors, corresponding to those of the surface materials on which it is applied.


    • Being semi-transparent and thin, translucent glitter allows the colors of surface areas it covers to show through, although delivering softer, subdued color visibility.


    • Spray-on glitter comes in convenient, aerosol cans and is great for craft projects in general (vases, floral centerpieces, jars). It is also available in water-based formulas that are fabric-friendly and ideal for use on festive tablecloths or denim. It is advisable to use spray-on glitter outside the home or in a well-ventilated room.


    • Glitter liquid contains minute suspended glitter pieces, is versatile and has a long shelf life. It is available in glass bottles and can be easily applied with the applicator brush that comes with it. Glitter liquid is a popular option and can be used for varied glitter applications.


    • Glitter cream contains tiny, suspended pieces of glitter and is great for enhancing paint artwork anywhere on one's face. It can be easily applied with either an applicator brush or a finger.


    • A popular type of glitter, that combines well with face paint. It is great for adding shimmer to designs pre-painted on different facial areas. Glitter dust is basically powder-like in nature (but not as fine). It sticks firmly to the paint base which acts as an adhesive and can also be applied effectively with a paint-dampened brush.

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