Creating an Outdoor Space Using Wicker Furniture

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If you're in the market for outdoor furniture, you may have considered purchasing wicker-made pieces.
Wicker furniture is quite cost effective and can last a good while if cared for properly.
While not as strong as other materials like aluminum, steel, or wrought-iron, wicker brings an elegant charm to any outdoor setup.
Wicker is made into a variety of outdoor furniture such as tables and chairs.
The chairs are often paired with comfortable seat cushions which come in a wide array of colors and patterns.
If you are looking to create a custom outdoor setup but are short on funds, wicker is a great way to go because the pieces can be customized with your own style of cushions and tablecloths.
You maybe have questions about the long-term strength of this material and how it hold up against mother nature.
While not as long-lasting as pieces made of metal, you can protect the furniture using plastic covers.
Fabric covers can also be used, and come in many pattern s and colors, but made sure the cover has a waterproof seal layer on the underside.
Moisture is a natural enemy of wood, including wicker.
Moisture can cause mold growth both on the outside and inside of the material, so avoid it at all costs.
To maintain healthy outdoor furniture of any kind, regular cleanings are necessary.
When you see dirt and debris anywhere on the piece, take a wet cloth and wipe it off.
For best results, a thorough annual cleaning is a must.
Turn the pieces over and give it a good wipe underneath where dirt has accumulated over the past year.
Placement is key when setting up and outdoor space.
Ensure that the table and chairs are placed so that each person can use the table and converse with ease.
When purchasing chairs, it is a good idea to get more than you need for special events.
You can always store the chairs until needed.
Keep in mind that wicker furniture is not for jumping on or heavy-duty use.
While strong enough for casual use, it can be damaged by rowdy children and other harsh treatment.
The individual strands of wicker can snap and reduce the aesthetic appeal of the piece, and is difficult to repair.
Wicker pieces are a great addition to any outdoor furniture setup.
Whether you design your whole space using wicker, or just a few pieces to compliment your design, they work great in almost any situation.
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