Bike insurance ever important as cycling increases in popularity

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Recent reports have revealed that cycling is steadily becoming more popular, with many people choosing to make the daily journey to work by bicycle rather than train or car.

The primary reasons for making the switch to cycling are a desire to be more green, to keep fit and healthy and to save money.

On average, those who cycle to work save 33.70 per week, which works out at almost 2,000 over the course of the year.

For many, savings that large will be enough incentive to jump on your bike, but there are also health benefits as well.

One woman who began cycling to work says that she lost over a stone in weight since she started making her 3 mile daily commute by bike rather than in her car.

She says that it has completely changed her life, meaning that she arrives at work each day 'raring to go,' instead of still half asleep and she says "I feel alert and I'm always in a good mood."

"It's a surprising discovery to be honest, to find myself more energetic rather than less. I remember I used to feel so sluggish arriving at the office having driven from home but now I have entirely the opposite feeling."

There have been a range of other benefits for this particular cyclist too: "I have saved hundreds of pounds because I use less petrol and I've lost a stone in weight. As a diabetic I have also reduced my dependence on insulin. I have also reduced my carbon footprint, which is a great plus point for me personally."

Her story is repeated throughout the country as recent reports suggest that more than three million UK commuters have started cycling to work over the past year.

In an effort to encourage cycling bike maker Cyclescheme has been providing tax free bikes for the government's cycle to work initiative where staff can buy a bike at a tax free price and pay regular instalments via their employer.

The company has reported a surge in sales, with figures climbing at an astonishing rate. In 2006, 3238 bike vouchers were issued through the scheme, this figure rose to 16,161 in 2007 and more than doubled 36,678 in 2008.

With so many people switching to cycling, bike insurance is becoming an important concern for many commuters.

With many of the new bikers and those targeted by the cycling schemes living in the capital where bike theft is extremely common, bike insurance is a must for those travelling to work on their bikes.

While many may think that their bike is covered under their home contents insurance, this may not be the case. It is important to check the policy thoroughly and find out whether your bike is covered when it is outside the home.

Even where bikes are included on the home insurance, it is still advisable to take out a separate bike insurance policy, especially if you are using your bike to commute to and from work every day.
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