A Mobility Wheelchair Is Made To Assist The Mobility Challenged With Getting Around

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Mobility wheelchairs are a great tool for getting around when you are mobility challenged. There are several styles of wheelchairs that provide several different levels of mobility. These chairs are each designed for different purposes and each has benefits and disadvantages.

The standard manually operated wheel chair has been around for a long time and has been providing an option to mobility challenged individuals. These chairs are modern versions of manual wheelchairs that have existed since the 1800's.

Manual chairs are propelled by the user of the chair or by an individual pushing from behind. Manual chairs are good if the user is not going to be moving very much. These chairs can be tiring and typically are used simply for transporting individuals for very short distances.

Electric wheelchairs also known as motorized wheelchairs are similar in appearance to manual chairs. These chairs have a small motor that allows the user to be propelled by the use of the power. This type of chair is good for using when moving longer distances and also provides the user with some independence since they do not require someone behind the chair pushing them. Many models of motorized chairs are not very maneuverable and can be kind of bulky.

Specialty wheel chairs are similar to motorized chairs but are typically made of a lightweight material such as titanium and provide a greater amount of mobility. These chairs may also be modified to be used in marathons by mobility challenged individuals. These sports versions have larger tires and can ride on rough road surfaces.

Mobility chairs are a relatively new style of mobility wheelchair that is much more maneuverable than other models of wheelchairs. These chairs look more like small scooters and have the wheels mounted under the base or along the side of a floorboard and may also have large tires that are useful for use outside and can be used on rough surfaces. These chairs are extremely heavy and can be hard to transport. You will need a ramp to place these chairs in a van or other motor vehicle.

Scooters are also a type of mobility wheel chair that provides increased mobility. These chairs are intended for use during longer periods. They resemble a moped with a seat and have more powerful motors than most wheel chairs. Scooters may also have baskets for carrying items. These chairs are typically used in malls and large shopping stores to provide mobility challenged individuals with increased mobility for extended periods of time.
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