Golf Ball Craft Project

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    Easy Crafts

    • For an easy craft, decorate the golf ball with paint pens. Color the indentations of the golf ball with painted dots to make it polka-dotted. Use puff paint or glitter pens in the indentations for a special effect.

      One project suitable for children is golf ball art. Place several bowls of tempera paint on a table. Give the child a shallow, medium-sized box lid and place a large sheet of paper in the lid. The child will dip the golf into the paint and drop it in the lid. Tell her to tilt the lid up and down to make the ball roll around on the paper. Keep doing this with other colors to make golf ball art.

    Funny Crafts

    • Cut an empty toilet paper tube in half to use as a holder. Place a golf ball on the holder and hot glue another golf ball on top of that golf ball. Draw a funny face on the top golf ball with a permanent marker or paint pen. Some examples include drawing a "shocked" face with the mouth open or drawing a mouth with the tongue hanging out. For added decoration, make the golf balls into a person by adding hair and clothes. Use pieces of fabric to make a wig and scrap fabric to make the clothes.

    Holiday Crafts

    • Make a holiday golf ball wreath by painting golf balls and gluing them to a foam wreath. For a Halloween wreath, paint the golf balls black and orange. Hot glue the balls to the foam wreath and add plastic spiders for decoration. Use pink and red golf balls for Valentine's Day, green and red with small artificial presents for Christmas and pastel-colored golf balls for Easter. Another holiday golf ball craft is a snowman. Hot glue two golf balls on top of one another and glue a small piece of scrap fabric in the middle of the balls to make the scarf. Draw on the snowman's eyes, nose, mouth and buttons. Add a small thimble to the top golf ball to create his hat.

    Other Crafts

    • For a game room, fill a large clear jar with golf balls for decoration. Personalize golf balls by writing names on them using paint pens or permanent markers. One example is to write "Happy Father's Day" and the current year on a golf ball to give to your golf-loving dad. Make golf ball dogs using craft foam and supplies. Glue four golf balls together in a square to make the dog's legs. Glue two golf balls on top of those four to make the body and one more on top of those for the head. Use googly eyes, craft pompom and foam to decorate the dog.

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