How To Write Award Winning Articles

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Are you aiming to be an aspiring articles writer? If so, follow these tips that determine success:- oKnow your topic.
Do some research and find out facts on the topic you are going to write about.
Use words that are understandable and easy to read.
Your articles must be user friendly.
oKnow your target audience.
It's important that you target the article for those who are interested.
Not for those who would simply ignore.
Your level of writing has to suit the reader's level of understanding.
oBe an eligible doctor to prescribe.
That's what counts while writing articles too.
Don't write something factious and unrealistic.
Cross-check facts before publishing articles.
It ensures you don't end up writing something that's far from reality.
oDon't use exclamatory mark (!) in your articles.
It seems as if you are yelling at the readers.
Not a good idea if you want to captivate your audience.
oYou need to follow a top-to-bottom hierarchy while writing articles.
Start with an introduction that helps your readers know what they are reading about.
End with a summary that will reflect the key ingredients of your article.
oConduct a check for grammatical errors.
Read your article loud and clear.
It might assist the cause.
Forward your article to someone who's proficient in English.
He can conduct proofreading that would ensure your article is mistakes-free.
oI would advise you to initially join under someone who has experience, knowledge and client testimonials to his credit in articles writing.
This allows you to work under his supervision, gain experience and be able to understand the concept of writing articles.
At the same time, it's important that you write articles with different approach and style to make an impact on your readers.
oConsider choosing a particular department/field where you have strong desire, passion and knowledge to write.
This will give you experience within no time.
oDon't end before it starts.
Wondering what it means? Never ever copy content from some other source for your articles.
Intellectual property rights are to be taken seriously.
If caught, your career can end on a bad note.
o You must know the length of article before writing.
This allows you to gather facts and decide which are most important.
oGive yourself enough time to think and write.
Choosing rush hour will lead to poor quality work.
Set a realistic deadline and work towards completion on or before time.
oIf you aren't finding paid work, don't be disappointed.
Consider writing articles for non-profit organizations.
Build your portfolio and have some good references that can stand up and recommend your services.
oWrite one article at a time.
Inexperienced writers often get excited and take too much of work.
Know your limitations and time management.
oSubmit your writings to article directories under relevant categories.
This will help you to get noticed and build your network amongst the fraternity and readers as well.
oDon't re-sell your articles for fast money.
Preserve your efforts and work.
This is a very important factor if you want to consider a long term career in writing.
Follow these principles and have a good career in writing award winning articles.
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