Texting and Driving Prevention

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Distracted driving accidents are on the rise, and really it is no surprise.
Texting and driving has become far too popular these days.
Many people don't realize how dangerous it is or how many lives have been lost.
It is much more dangerous than simply talking on your cell phone as it requires a lot more visual focus.
Today were going to discuss a couple ways to stop texting and driving.
The obvious solution to stop texting and driving would be to simply make it illegal.
Well many states and countries have done this but people still choose to continue with distracted driving.
So what else can we do? Well technology may provide a solution.
In the near future we will be able to control whether cell phones can text in cars are not.
It will be user control technology much like the sound that beeps when you are not wearing your seatbelt.
This is an extreme solution that could take years to implement.
Hopefully we will not have to come to this point.
So obviously we want to find a way to stop this without physically forcing people to do so.
By educating the general public and simply talking more about the subject, we will hopefully be able to discourage this form of distracted driving.
News coverage of tragedies and new laws should be enough to stop people from texting and driving.
So please do your part and promote awareness of this dangerous activity.
Remember that most people don't even think they are doing anything wrong, so we have to show them why it is so bad.
Drive safe, and put down the cell phone.
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