Is Cellfood Effective for Treating Candida?

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    Symptoms of Candida

    • Symptoms of candida can include: indigestion, thrush, sore throat, bad breath, reflux, diarrhea, constipation, gas, vaginitis, excessive fatigue and a whitish coating of the tongue. But candida is often initially non-symptomatic, so when you start showing symptoms, the yeast infection may already be well-established in your system.

    What Is Cellfood?

    • Cellfood is an oral supplement marketed by health food companies, including Lumina Health and Nu Science. A colloidal mineral concentrate (minerals suspended in a solution), Cellfood contains dissolved oxygen, trace minerals, plant-source amino acids and enzymes, and is marketed to treat candida, as well as address other health and immune system issues. Nu Science also developed Cellfood DNA/RNA--an oral spray formula.

    How Do I Use Cellfood?

    • Mix several drops of Cellfood solution in water and drink it three times a day. The hydrogen and oxygen in the water is broken down by Cellfood, so when you drink it, each negatively charged oxygen atom in the water attracts a positively charged oxygen atom (or free radical) in your body's cells. The pure oxygen molecules that this creates then join with carbon atoms to produce carbon dioxide, so, in essence, you breathe out free radicals or toxins. Cellfood's dissolved oxygen also helps deliver minerals, enzymes and amino acids into your system.

    How Does Cellfood Treat Candida?

    • Replacing the vitamins, enzymes, minerals and amino acids that the candida infection has compromised in your body is vital in treating candida. In particular, you need to replace pepsin, protease, lipase and saccharide enzymes, which are needed to digest and properly absorb nutrients and which have been impaired by candida. Cellfood contains many of these enzymes, and the dissolved oxygen can help your body to re-absorb them.

    Cellfood Side Effects

    • While there are no side effects with Cellfood, the oral spray Cellfood DNA/RNA contains a warning that if you have been diagnosed with gout, you should consult with your doctor before using Cellfood DNA/RNA.

    Is Cellfood Successful at Treating Candida?

    • No studies are currently available that prove the success of Cellfood at treating candida. However, the product does contain elements that your body needs to replace if you have a candida infection, and it does help eliminate free radicals and toxins. A good strategy might be to use cellfood in conjunction with a long-term, comprehensive regimen that includes diet modification, nutritional supplements and working with a holistic practitioner.

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