Yoga: the Perfect New Year"s Resolution

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There is a case to be made for the practice of yoga as the perfect or universal New Year's resolution. Stop and think about the focus of most resolutions and the various reasons people chose to make them part of their New Year goal setting. An acquaintance recently shared, that a study done in Pittsburg found that the number one New Year's resolution was to send more time with family, friends and to work on relationships. I have not tried to verify that, but I will admit to being a bit surprised, as I would have bet serious money that weight loss, diet, fitness and all of the getting healthy resolutions would have nailed the top spots before relationships. Since I tend to make pretty quirky resolutions, I certainly can't hold myself up as a standard. I am guessing that pursuing the perfect martini, stop wearing ties, get more shoe shines and catching up on my Tivo list are not common to most resolution lists. Last year's goals to reduce the clutter in my life and to use an electric toothbrush resulted in marginal success.

A New Year's resolution to practice Yoga has amazing potential. Think about a resolution to reduce the stress in your life. The number one practice for reducing or coping with stress is exercise. Whatever your exercise goal, yoga has a variation or level that allows for improved conditioning and fitness. Whether you practice "gentle yoga" or "power yoga," the potential for improving your muscle tone, flexibility and balance will be realized with consistent practice. Layered on top of the fitness potential for reducing stress, yoga adds breathing techniques that produce a slower heart rate, reduce blood pressure and have a calming effect with practice. The next layer can be meditation, which can bring peace of mind and self-realization. Do you see why we are looking at an incredible stress management program with yoga?

Think about the stress reduction goal we just outlined. It is also an exercise goal. The improved conditioning from the exercise can also support a weight loss goal. Stress management, exercise, weight loss, lower blood pressure, and greater peace of mind all rolled into one New Year's resolution. A regular yoga program can also provide information on healthy eating, moderation, and with more discipline in your life, it could even carry over to getting organized and reducing the clutter in your life. It may be a small stretch but all of these lifestyle enhancements from yoga could lead to improvements in your relationships.

Take some time to ponder what has been outlined here. Depending on the current state of your health, a resolution to practice yoga, if done with discipline and consistency, could quiet literally become, the "save your life" New Year's resolution.
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