"Offense Sells Tickets, But Defense Wins Championships," Isn"t the Whole Truth in Basketba

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As you plan your basketball practices, how much time do you devote to each side of the ball? I want to encourage you to consider devoting twice as much basketball practice time to offense as you do to defense.
Make sure to measure how much time that you spend on offense and how much time you are spending on defense.
I would make a slight adjustment to the slogan that "Offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships.
" While I do agree that you must be great defensively to win championships, I also believe that offense does a lot more than just sell tickets.
It boils down to: "The team that plays the best wins the championship.
" Basketball Champions must prove themselves to be the best at both ends of the floor.
Even Coach Dick Bennett, whose teams played such great defense said, "Often big games come down to legitimate half court offensive execution.
" To be able to execute in the half court, you must spend a great deal of your basketball practice time developing your offensive skills and schemes.
Offensive Individual Skills Offense involves more individual skills than defense does, and those skills are more complex.
They need more developmental time than defensive skills do.
You do play defense with your heart, your feet, and your head.
You play offense with each of those while having to be able to dribble, pass, catch, and shoot as well.
There is also more pressure on the offense that is applied from the defense, the score, and the time remaining in the game.
A coach can take a great athlete who has a desire to learn and to become a great defensive player and teach him to be an effective defensive player.
To be effective on offense, that same athlete must have spent years developing offensive skills to keep from being a weak link that results in turnovers, missed shots, and eventually not being guarded and respected resulting in 4 offense players against 5 defense.
Offensive Team Schemes No matter how much you force the action on defense, defense must react to where the offensive players are spaced and where the ball is.
While there is timing involved in defense, it takes more practice time to develop offensive timing because the player movement, positioning, and spacing has to be in synch with the movement of the ball.
The offense can dictate the pace of play and the end of game strategy by determining how and when they shoot the ball.
The offense has the potential to get individuals and the opponents' team in foul trouble, forcing them to change tactics, personnel, or both.
Without devoting a great deal of time during basketball practice, a team is not going to be able to control any of those areas in a game.
Offensive practice must consistently be given more time and attention (not emphasis) than defense.
Spending more time on offense in practice will not hurt your team's defensive mindset if you sell, emphasize, and reward defense.
I like the idea behind the tickets/championships saying to motivate players to play defense.
Champions must play defense with pride and passion as individuals and as a team.
It is more enjoyable to play offense than defense.
My goal for this essay is to offer my opinion that offense takes more time and practice to develop to a championship level than defense does.
Great defense and great offense together win championships!
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