Video: How to Use Microsoft Excel to Catalogue Books

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Geoph, and this is how to catalog books using Microsoft Excel. Now Microsoft Excel is actually built for this kind of thing. It's what it's actually ready to do. It's a spreadsheet application which can take lots of data and put it in any order you need it to do and you can sort the data, connect the data, correlate the data. Whatever you need it to do it does it with data. That's what it loves to do. You have a simple thing right here. I've got a list of books. I've got them by title, I've got them by author, I've got the number of pages, I've got the ISBN. You can put in the dewy decimal number if you still want to work on that system. Dewey was a smart guy. It's not a bad idea. And best of all once you're done with that, once you have your list of books, you can sort it in anyway imaginable. If I want to sort it by the author's last name, here I've got them all last name first. I can just hit data and sort and I will choose to sort by author and hit OK. And you can see that it's alphabetical according to author. Adams, Adams, Allende, Chbosky, Delillo, Essex, Moore. Essex. Now you can sort by any of these columns. You can sort numerically, you can sort alphabetically. You can format these. You can even make it look really pretty if you want to print it out. That's the cool thing about Excel is it has all of the general office functionality for formatting and layout. So if you want to make a big catalog of books for printing out, and keep it on hand if you were running a library, a book store, anything like that, it's no problem. Excel can do that for you. If you ever need to update the information, or update the information based on other information, you can use Excel's functions and formulas to do that as well. It's a very powerful program and it's all you need for lists of anything. I'm Geoph, and this is all about how to catalog books in Microsoft Excel.
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