The Good and the Bad on Trim Spa Weight Loss

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The public has seen the effects of Trim Spa weight loss pills on Anna Nicole Smith.
Because of her,the success rate of Trim Spa weight loss pills has been identified and embraced widely by different people when they saw that she indeed lost several pounds upon taking the product.
About TrimSpa Trim Spa weight loss pills work as carb and fat blockers.
It also has a thermogenic component that is said to be herbal.
The pill has a lot of researched ingredients that are considered to be either effective or not for weight loss.
However, despite its success rate for weight loss on Anna Nicole Smith, who served as its spokesperson, there are still no confirmed studies based on research that Trim Spa is safe for weight loss.
It contains Hoodia One of its main ingredients is the Hoodia gordonii cactus plant, which comes from South Africa.
The locals of that region eats the stem of the plant to suppress their thirsts and appetites for long periods of time, especially during the onset of drought.
As part of the Trim Spa weight loss pills, they are contributors to its appetite-suppressing effects.
Other ingredients and dosage Other than Hoodia, TrimSpa also contains cocoa extract, glucosamine, vanadium, glucomannan, and green tea.
It also has chromium, which can benefit the regulation of glucose in your body.
The pills can also provide the effects of your typical stimulant since it has caffeine from cocoa and green tea.
The dosage depends on the results of your consultation from TrimSpa's website.
However, typically, the Trim Spa weight loss pills are taken at a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 6 times everyday.
Success rate Some critics consider the Trim Spa weight loss pills to be herbal supplements.
Although the product has not gained any approval from the FDA, there are a lot of testimonials proving the effectiveness of the product and majority of these can be found from TrimSpa's website.
Some concerns Although the public saw how Trim Spa weight loss pills contributed to Anna Nicole Smith's weight loss, there are still some concerns regarding the product.
First of all, it is expensive.
If you are taking around 3 to 4 pills in a day, your bottle of pills can only last for 22 days.
The standard retail price of the bottle is $34.
Where are the ingredients? Another concern is about the fact that the product is not listing its ingredients anymore so new users have no idea on how much Hoodia or chromium is in a single pill.
While it is understandable that the company marketing the TrimSpa did that to protect it from imitations, the public are still concerned on the amount of each of the ingredients present in each pill.
After all, too much of a "good" thing can also be bad.
Side effects Two of the known side effects of TrimSpa are insomnia and anxiety.
These occur when you take the pills late in the afternoon or at night because they tend to work as stimulants for some people.
Other than insomnia and anxiety, this can also lead to restlessness and palpitations.
Why it keeps you awake Taking 4 pills a day provides 200mg of caffeine and 500mg of green tea extracts.
That is equal to 28-ounce servings of coffee.
Furthermore, the presence of cocoa as one of the ingredients also contributes to TrimSpa's stimulant effect.
The concern for hoodia Since the discovery of hoodia's appetite-suppressing effects, it gained popularity as one of the widely-used herbal ingredients for diet pills like TrimSpa.
However, there are still concerns regarding its effects on the liver and the issue that there could be fake hoodia included in the products.
Not recommended for the following people Despite claims and beliefs that TrimSpa is the miracle weight loss pill that can help you shed off those excess pounds, it is still not the diet pill for everyone.
In fact, there are people who are advised not to take it: oThose who are having migraines are not advised to take take TrimSpa because of the cocoa extract that has tyramine.
When taken in large doses, it can trigger migraines.
oIf you are allergic to shellfish, you are also advised not to take TrimSpa since it has glucosamine, which is derived from the food.
oTrimSpa should not be used by people who are taking MAOI (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor) antidepressant drugs since the drug has ingredients that react with the ingredients of the product.
oNever take TrimSpa if you are taking prescription drugs since it can increase the level of toxicity in your body.
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