Breast Augmentation Surgery Costs

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In 2005 the American Society of Plastic Surgeons stated that the usual price for breast augmentation, using either silicone or saline implants, was around $3,000.
The average cost for breast implant surgery today is more than double that cost, at about $7,000.
This is typically completely out of pocket since most health plans do not cover elective or cosmetic surgeries.
While you want to make sure you get the best possible service for the money spent, you also do not necessarily want to go shopping for discount procedures either.
With the popularity of breast augmentation, you can easily be attracted to cheap and low cost breast implantation and augmentation.
A surgeon may offer you what seems the cheapest possible deal, but in truth, there are so many things that would justify it as a bad decision.
As they say, you get what you pay for.
You simply would not want a low quality procedure to be done on your body.
If things go bad, it could not just make you look bad outside but also inside.
Therefore, choosing a surgeon with satisfactory credentials and a great reputation is always the better decision.
Your ideal cosmetic surgeon will be one that is a professional, with experience and adequate cosmetic surgery certifications.
They may charge higher prices than some other surgeons, but you have a better assurance of safety and a successful procedure.
A highly sought after surgeon will not need to give out discounts just to entice patients.
On the other hand, a surgeon with a very high fee does not guarantee a hundred-percent success.
When looking at the prices involved, request an estimated total amount.
There are a number of billable factors like the physical examination pre-surgery, anesthesia and anesthesiologist, hospital or clinic fee, medical garments, medication prescriptions post surgically, and other care and management required.
Not to mention care should complications and adverse reactions occur, which is really a possibility when it comes to surgical procedures.
That said, many institutions can not precisely estimate the exact breast augmentation price.
Patients undergoing breast implantations are in each and every way unique, which also affects the cost they will have to pay.
The size, complexity, and type of implant, along with other concerns, are carefully considered, as breast augmentation is considered a major surgery.
You can also ask about what the cosmetic surgeon charges for the breast augmentation, and compare this cost against others to make sure the price you are paying is in an acceptable range of the others.
Prices of these cosmetic surgeries actually vary within regions and states.
Cosmetic surgeons, hospitals and anesthesiologists charge more compared to others when they are affluent, well-versed and popular in their field.
Cosmetic surgeries like breast augmentation are considered elective surgeries and health insurance companies usually do not cover this service.
Unless it is a follow-up operation for a mastectomy or a medical emergency like trauma to the breast, it might be covered as it will be considered as breast reconstruction.
However, not all health insurance companies follow this rule.
So make sure to talk to your health insurance company regarding rules and policies on cosmetic surgeries.
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