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Duke Nukem Forever was most recently given a "Mature" rating by the ESRB, the least surprising story ever since the firing of Charlie Sheen.
Here's some excerpts from the official ESRB rating overview that got Duke Nukem Forever its well-deserved "Mature" rating.
It is a first-person shooter in which players take on the character of Duke Nukem, an action hero who must protect Earth from invading aliens.
Nothing significant so far - this could be a buttered up Halo for all we know.
But keep reading and the overview starts to really feel more like a murderous horror than an actual rating: Aliens are frequently decapitated or dismembered when hit.
A few sequences show a lot more over-the-top cases of violence: aliens getting stabbed in the top of the head or impaled; a human soldier bursting into bloody gibs right after being tossed through propeller rotor blades.
The team at Duke Nukem Forever has the task of fulfilling a decade and a half of buzz as well as anticipations, yet in doing so, it requires to kick censors aside for its exceptional, graphic game play: Gamers enter a strip club level and view a couple of nude dancers as well as receive lap dances.
A couple of quests within this level require gamers to recover sex toys and photographs of nude females.
Two women appear to perform fellatio on the central character, Duke moans and leans up against the wall of a bathroom stall (furnished with a hole), it is suggested that a sex act (not depicted) happens.
Furnished with a hole offers a fine, detailed touch, so does the excerpt in general.
It is like the regulators went from making a ratings scheme to writing an adult novel.
This could have been the next couple of lines in my opinion (my version): Duke caresses a female lady of the night while sitting on a papered toilet seat cover, holding her with sculpted biceps as well as anabolic steroid infused forearms, mimicking the act of sexual intimacy.
The lady surrenders to every ounce of charm, machismo, as well as timber echoing from Duke's resonant voice, as it's assumed, the two are engaged in baby-making.
Rated "R" for REALLY Romantic...
Here's an excerpt from the real summary: Toilet humor involves the ability to urinate in bathrooms or urinals and/or grab feces from toilets and toss it against walls.
Gamers could use both steroid pills as well as beer as power-ups; when alcohol is ingested, the monitor temporarily blurs.
Way to crush mood, guys...
I found the mention of the screen blurring intriguing.
They make use of the phrasing "power ups" in the previous sentence but wouldn't go so far as to say make use of "beer goggles" when referring to Duke drinking alcohol (probably because it is more of a "power down").
Just couldn't bring themselves to get it done, I suppose.
The language 'f**k,' 'sh*t,' 'c*ck,' as well as 'a*shole' appear in dialogues as well as on-screen text.
So, in other words, there's a significant amount of rap music in the game.
Check out the full summary of the "Mature" rating.
You may learn something, probably not, yet at the very least it is going to keep you from counting down the hours until Duke Nukem Forever's official release.
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