Referral Marketing - An Easy and Inexpensive Way to Build Your Practice

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One of the best, and often overlooked, ways to build the number of patients in your practice is through the use of referral marketing.
And when it comes to referral marketing, many chiropractors who are acquainted with the concept of referral marketing don't fully optimize the technique.
What is referral marketing? Referral marketing is a technique used to leverage off of existing patient relationships to obtain recommendations or referrals to other potential patients for your practice.
One key component of any referral marketing program is to have a patient base that is satisfied enough with your services so that many would willingly recommend you to others.
Only by continually working on improving relationships with current patients can you get the optimum benefit from referral marketing.
Here are some specific tips for getting as many patients as possible from a referral marketing approach: 1.
Education- Educate everyone in your office from the receptionists to your assistant about the benefits of referral marketing.
In addition, show them how they can ask for referrals.
Also consider rewarding those members of your staff who are successful in obtaining referrals.
New Patient Suggestion- At your first meeting with a new patient, explain to them that rather than spending money on expensive advertising to find new patients you would rather invest more in your practice and the latest equipment and techniques.
Tell the new patient that you build your practice solely by getting referrals from existing patients and ask them if they would be willing to refer you to other people who could use your services after they have experienced your practice for a few months.
Office Sign- Place a sign in your office reading "We grow our practice from recommendations from existing customers.
If you are happy with us, we would appreciate you telling others".
Paperwork- On key pieces of paperwork a patient completes, at the bottom of this paperwork include a statement such as "If you are happy with your treatment, we would appreciate you referring others to us.
" 5.
"Prime the Pump" and Teach Others In Your Practice How to Do It- Although most people would ask for referrals by simply asking the standard question "Do you know of anyone who might need these services?" there is a much better way to ask for referrals.
You need to help patients help you with referrals by being more specific.
The more specific you are in asking for referrals, the more you will obtain.
Here's an example of how you could ask for referrals- "This treatment has worked out well for you with your fibromyalgia.
Do you know of any friends or family members who have similar problems I might be able to help?" 6.
Use Direct Mail- Once a year you should send a thank you letter to your patients because it further builds relationships and loyalty from; your patients.
Building such loyalty and a strong relationship makes it more likely you will get referrals on a frequent basis.
Master the skill of referral marketing and you will never have to spend money on expensive advertising for your practice.
The cost is minimal and the return can be large.
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